Global creative calendar: August 2020

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These days, you may be hard pressed to feel much excitement about building your career and reaching for the stars. For almost everyone, the challenges are staggering. Still, looking at all the ways innovative people and groups are uniting to educate, entertain and engage us online, there is a lot to love about the many phenomenal happenings showcased below.

In the new normal, we may not always have the the ability to actively take part in high-profile global events like these from home. So if you wish to tune in and turn on, it’s your lucky day. For the few physical events listed below, please double check direct sources for up-to-date info.

Our monthly global creative calendar is put together by The Darnell Works Agency, the go-to PR firm for creative agencies, brands and entertainment ventures.

August Events
. 30 July – 2 August | Greenpoint Film Festival, Brooklyn
. 30 July – 2 August | Lolla2020, Virtual
. 2-9 | Anguilla Summer Festival
. 3-5 | Ad Age Small Agency Conference & Awards, Virtual
. 3-7 | Design Week Portland, Virtual
. 5-15 | Locarno Festival, Local and Virtual
. 6 | FITC Failing Astronomically, Virtual
. 6 | GitHub’s Playbook for Building 10X Products, Virtual
. 6-23 | Melbourne International Film Festival, Virtual
. 7-9 | QuakeCon, Virtual
. 10-12| ContentTECH Summit, Virtual
. 10-11 | Modern Retail Virtual Forum
. 11 | Getting Started with Flutter, Virtual
. 11 | LogicTalks LIVE: Guy Raz on Tech Innovation, Adaptation and Lessons Learned Along the Way, Virtual
. 11-12 | Marketing Automotive Conference & Awards, Virtual
. 11-12 | Virtual Conference: Nonprofit and Cause Marketing
. 13 | Scaling Product to Drive Massive Growth, Virtual
. 14 | AEAF Animation & Effects Awards Festival, Virtual
. 17-28 | SIGGRAPH 2020, Virtual
. 18-19 | Just Brands, Virtual
. 19-20 | Brand Insider Summit CPG, Virtual
. 19-20 | Future of Work Virtual Forum: Diversity & Inclusion
. 20 | Asana’s Playbook for Building 10X Products, Virtual
. 20-26 | BlackStar Film Festival, Philadelphia
. 25-26 | Data & Programmatic Insider Summit, Virtual
. 26-28 | Digiday Brand Summit LIVE, Virtual
. 27-30 | gamescom, Virtual
. 24-26 | iMedia Online Retail Summit Australia, Gold Coast
. 27 Aug. – 6 Sep. | Dances with Films, Hollywood
. 30 Aug. – 7 Sep. | Burning Man in the Multiverse, Virtual


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