Creativepool Annual Spotlight: The humble artistry of Chris Shaw

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A talented animator with a unique style and vision we caught up with Chris Shaw recently to discuss his award-winning project “The Crossing,” which claimed the People’s Choice award for Animation in last year’s Creativepool Annual.

The film, created on commission for Free Tiber, follows a Tibetan refugee as they attempt the dangerous trek across the Himalayas into India, a journey made by tens of thousands of Tibetans in recent decades to escape persecution in China. It explores what drove them to make this life-altering decision and does so with incredible beauty and creativity.

As part of our series looking at last year’s winners in anticipation of this year’s Annual ceremony in May, we talked with Chris about the film, his hopes for the future and, of course, the Creativepool Annual.


How did you find out about the Creativepool Annual initially?

It’s something I’ve been aware of for a few years now.

Where do you keep your copy of the 2019 Annual?

It’s on my shelf in my office. If I’m working on a difficult project, it’s a nice reminder of what I’m capable of.

Will you be entering again this year? And if so, what are your hopes?

I’m giving it a break after an intense year but I will hopefully be back next year :)


How do you feel the creative landscape shifted in 2019?

I’ve got a lot of friends from all over the world that work in the UK and worry about the repercussions of Brexit, which has been sad to see. Other than that, it’s been mostly positive.

How does it feel to have claimed the People’s Choice award for your project "The Crossing”?

It means the world to me. I lost my Dad a few weeks before the event and he voted for me.

Did the Annual placing open up any exciting new opportunities for you last year?

It definitely opened doors and got the attention of people within the industry

What do you think it is about the Creativepool Annual that sets it apart from other awards within the creative industries?

The sheer diverse range of talent is hugely impressive compared to other awards and it’s nice to see how a freelancer, like myself, can be recognised alongside some of the most talented companies in the world. I’m still pinching myself whenever I think about how Apple was nominated for an award at the same event that I was.


On a more general level, do you think awards and award ceremonies are still an important part of the creative landscape?

I think so but at the same time, I don’t think you should focus on them solely. They’re more of a byproduct of creating awesome work and that should always be our priority. Getting recognition is just the icing on the cake.

What are your hopes for 2020?

2020 is all about achieving the mythical healthy work/life balance.

What advice would you give you agencies and individuals looking to make an impression and earn a place in this year’s Annual?

Don’t focus on creating award-winning work, focus on creating work that you’re proud of, that pushes you to new creative heights and, most importantly, meets the client’s brief.

Submit your work today for the Creativepool Annual 2020. To enter your best work from 2019, to be included in the Annual 2020, click HERE and to nominate Agency/Brand, Newcomer, Influencer of the Year or Best Place to Work click HERE. Best of luck and we look forward to seeing you at the Annual launch party on May 28th.


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