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Nobody is prepared for how generative artificial intelligence (gen-AI) will transform the creative industry.

The world of gen-AI is progressing furiously. It will disrupt existing business models—if AI algorithms are able to produce high-quality music or art, it could potentially reduce the demand for human creators. The use of generative AI in the creative industry could also raise ethical concerns about copyrights and we already know that it is making it easier for people to produce and distribute false or misleading information. In addition, the widespread use of AI to generate content could also lead to its homogenization.

Those are only the more obvious issues that we can think of.

Midjourney produced an art work that won a first-place award in the Colorado state fair recently. Last week, OpenAI released a chatbot named ChatGPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer)—and, wow, it's astonishingly advanced. It not only can write full essays about specific themes but if correctly prompted, it can allow for complex rhyming poetry, for example (oh if we had this thing in high school back then).

The thought I had above is the core of a deeper problem—that natural-language processing GPTs present us with a whole series of unprecedented concerns: Considering we are a laziness-prone species, will we use ChatGPTs and Midjourneys as crutches? Writing essays is one of the ways we learn how to research, think, and put together creative thoughts.

So is experimenting with different art media. We can't yet tell how totally leaning into AI affects the brain process, can we? How does it shift the way we think and make decisions? 

Gen-AI can be a useful tool for supporting creative thinking, but it is important to understand that it is not capable of being creative on its own. If we unlearn to think creatively by using easy-way-out-ready-made solutions, our craft will surely be affected, and we can't predict the results.

PS.: Could you tell if this text was generated by a GPT?


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