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After a year like 2020, the need to celebrate and have some lighthearted fun is now more relevant than ever. With the Annual 2021 submissions deadline now only a month away, we thought we’d let you know of 7 great reasons why you should enter the Creative Industry’s ‘Most’ Award this year.

There is no creative award like The Annual. Judges, winners and shortlisted entrants alike have had the chance to experience how it feels to take part in such a large and connected worldwide community, celebrating creativity at all stages of the process.

Here at Creativepool, we believe that now is the time to celebrate and share your successes with the industry.

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Most Distributed

There is no limit to where The Annual can take you. With tens of thousands of books printed and downloaded every year, The Annual is the most distributed creative industry award. 

The Annual gives all shortlisted entrants and winners unparalleled exposure, sharing their creative work with the best brands, agencies and creative services providers around the world.

Most Useful

How many industry awards can you count? How many of those give you actual benefits beyond a simple trophy on your shelf? Probably just a handful.

The Annual is the most useful creative industry award. Global judging panels of industry leaders join together to score the entries every year, boosting your presence and exposure in the industry worldwide. Every panel includes one senior marketing leader from a brand as well, delivering your work straight in the hands of potential clients.


Most Shared

By entering The Annual, your work will be shared across a community of over 300,000 members and 20,000 companies here on Creativepool, making The Annual the creative industry’s most shared award.

The Creativepool community includes brands, agencies and the most creative and talented people on the planet, enabling you to connect and interact with other creative professionals or directly with your prospective clients.

Most Collaborative

All winners and shortlisted entrants in The Annual awards experience unparalleled industry recognition, joining together to build a better industry. Everyone who wins an Annual book will receive constructive feedback from top marketers and industry leaders on their entries, making The Annual the most collaborative industry award

Additionally, we believe that everyone should have equal opportunities to shine; when you enter The Annual, you only compete against yourself. Your entries will be judged in isolation and will not compete against other companies or members. We know of now other creative award that does this.


Most Voted

The Annual is the only industry award with a coveted People’s Choice prize. While our esteemed judges do their thing across two weeks, professionals in the community will be able to vote their favourite entries, awarding People’s Choice to the most voted submission in each category.

With tens of thousands of votes cast every year, The Annual is the most voted industry award, delivering your work straight in the hands of the community.

Most Carbon-positive

Can industry awards truly aspire to be sustainable? We strive to set a positive example in that direction. 10% of all Annual profits are distributed across 3 charities – Project Crimson, Woodland Trust and the Nature Conservancy – to help with reforestation and protect wildlife. The Annual is the most carbon-positive award in the creative industry.

We know of no other industry award taking steps in that direction.


Most Partiest!

We mentioned it earlier, but there is no better year to celebrate our successes. After a year like 2020, we all need a reason to party and have some fun, bringing back some optimism into the creative industry. All things going well, we have a swell party planned for September!

It will be an occasion to share your work and showcase your achievements in a night of celebrations, having fun with old and new friends from all across the industry.

Don’t believe us? Take a look at the pictures from our 2019 party!

Annual 2021 submissions close on 27th May. Enter now to grab your slice of creative immortality!


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