Unstock: Symbiosis and Surprise

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Top Fotolia contributor Siarhei Piatrosau, and his colleague Dmitri Serov, have a unique Fotolia portfolioso we spoke to them as part of our ‘Unstock’ series.


Siarhei and Dmitri

Siarhei and Dmitri

Dmitri and I are both from Belarus. We started working together because of our common desire to do something new and interesting without any commercial potential, as something we thought of as in high demand.

Fashion Model


Color face art woman close up portrait

Having settled on a term of six months, we were able to choose what direction to take, both variants were given a chance.

It’s hard for me to describe my own style, I suspect it’s portrait genre – it is an original freestyle with the academic understanding of light, as for the rest, it’s a symbiosis of vibrant colors and positive mood.

The formation of my style was affected by such factors as a huge number of primitive plots in the world of stock photos and our common opinion that another primitive plot won’t be demanded by society; that identity is the best way to achieve success.

That’s why the main thing for us is to develop and surprise the others.

Not only are the ideas, labor and diligence of photographers enclosed in photos, but also their knowledge, emotions, and - no less important - the state of mind of the photographer. And if it is demanded, let it be.

At the heart of this style lies peculiar coloring and a conscious color glut, which creates the illusion of materiality. Stock played a particular part in formation of my style because someone other than myself was interested in this work.

Black and white fashion women face portrait

There are common messages, emotions or ideas that we try to convey through our images, but often it happens unconsciously. A photo's popularity promotes it, specifying the direction to go; this is the formative basis of an author’s style.

To be a successful photographer you need to have an Idea, to be in an authorial state of mind. Have aspirations, skill, and persistence, but also don't be afraid to show the world to itself.

Rabbit Dj  in balck suit on dark backgroundI think a lot of people are inclined to place our photos in their office or at home. You can see in many of them in Dubai or Singapore, on the cover of books or magazines, and even on advertising billboards. This stems from a desire to do something new and unparalleled, even if it will be in vain.

Follow your aims and eventually you will succeed. There is no division in our work. We get pleasure from what we do, from the experience, which helps us to do something new.

Thank you, Siarhei and Dimitri, for giving us an insight into their unique and absorbing work.

If you'd like to see (or buy) more of their work then visit their Fotolia profile.


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