The Black Cab Interviews present Laura Jordan Bambach

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The president of D&AD talks to Creativepool in our Ubiqutious Black Cab about her early career, breaking into the creative industry, and how to succeed…

Laura Jordan Bambach explains to Creativepool founder, Michael Tomes, how her many roles have helped her prepare for becoming the president at D&AD along with running her new business venture Mr. President.

Find out how creativity is formed

Find out how creativity is formed, creates a purpose and sets the right vision for the future through creative work. Laura talks about attracting the best talent in the industry and it being a creative's responsibility to not be tempted with adding pointless work into the world.

Laura also covers how technology, digital and science sectors are lacking with only a small quantity of female CV’s and how women are being trained to become smarter by SheSays – a place that help women further their careers.

Take a leap and scare yourself

Laura gives her advice on how to succeed - take opportunities, take a leap and scare yourself. Connect the dots – explore, read, and be curious and have empathy for the person you are creating something for, this is what makes a good creative!   


Black Cab Interviews
The "Black Cab Interviews" are a series of interviews where we take celebrated individuals from the creative sector on a cab ride around London, some to work, some on their way to a pitch, some just on a little jaunt around this fabulous city. The interviews are intended to be indepth and candid, giving the interviewee a place to talk about the industry, themselves and the place they work. If you would like to be involved please get in touch with Christie


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