Report – How is the creative industry coping with Coronavirus?

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Being one of the world's largest creative communities, Creativepool is in a unique position to understand how the creative industry is struggling in self-isolation for the Coronavirus lockdown.

We had the power to make a difference by asking about the impact of the lockdown on businesses, employees and freelancers across our community. We created two surveys last week – one for full-time employees and freelancers, one for agencies, creative services, marketers and business leaders. Both included a section for unemployed creatives.

In this scenario of global uncertainty, the creative industries have been hit hard. Less clients for freelancers, less projects for agencies, less hires for job seekers. We did not know the extent of the issue. So we asked a simple question to our community.

How are you coping with Coronavirus?

We sent the survey out to our massive community and have since received an amazing response. We colleced more than 1,200 responses in less than 48 hours from all sectors of the creative industries, including data about budget, work, clients, home working, team dynamics and more. Respondents were asked to participate in one of the two surveys.

Here is what we found out.

Below is the roadmap of the planned coverage for our Creativepool Coronavirus Survey. Available articles are linked in green. This article will act as a container for all the upcoming survey reports and will be updated with links to the new articles as they come out.

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