New Blood winners predict the future of creativity

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As one of the world’s largest student competitions, the D&AD New Blood Awards represent the best emerging creative talent from around the globe.

Year on year, the winning work signals a promising, exciting future for our industry, so off the back of this year’s awards, we asked a few of this year’s winners what their hopes and dreams are for the future of creativity, design and advertising.


Kenneth Meek, Marianne Johansen

School of Communication Arts 2.0, London 



Meek and Johansen


With the lines between different media spaces being blurring more and more, we hope brands and marketers take full advantage of different social networks and mediums’ potential.

That means not just re-cropping TV ads into a square for Instagram, but creating something smart that works for the platform it lives on specifically, because every medium has its own strengths and weaknesses, and while they don’t always tick the same boxes, an ad on Snapchat can be more powerful than a sexy print or TV ad if done right.

We also hope to see a wider range of views and backgrounds represented in creative work. For the most part, our industry lives and breathes within the boundaries of the M25. Wouldn't it be great to see more people from completely different walks of life enter this business without the pressure of moving to Europe’s most expensive city?

The likes of Glasgow, Manchester, Liverpool and Newcastle are filled with incredibly creative people. Businesses should be looking at these cities and towns for new perspectives and inspiration. Ultimately, we want advertising's future to be about great creative ideas. Ideas that raise eyebrows regardless of where they are or who created them.


Meek and Johansen's winning work, Narration, for the BBC


Oliver Strzelbicki, Mathias Gudberg Juel

DMJX - Danish School of Media and Journalism






Gudberg Juel


First of all, we think the future of advertising will be more and more focused towards doing good in the world - with help from the brands of course.

The consumers want to buy more than just a brand and their logo now - they want to buy a statement. A dream. Or Something to believe in. 

This means that together with brands and the consumers demand for more, the advertising industry will come up with more world-changing ideas in future. We can’t wait to help do that.


Gudberg and Strzelbicki's winning work, SAVE THE BEErs, for Adnams


Máire Kane, Hannah Grogan

National College of Art and Design



Kane and Grogan


The way brands now approach advertising has evolved rapidly through dramatic advancements in digital technologies. 

As a result, consumers now have greater choice and variety than they have ever had before and they are no longer restricted to a limited market, which was historically dependent on the produce of a small number of corporations and geographic location. 

Personalisation, globalisation and flexibility has ensured that customers have the freedom and ability to create the perfect product or service tailored to their needs.


Grogan and Kane's Personal Patient Pack


Gen Z are at the helm of this change. We are ambitious, creative, open-minded and not afraid of pushing the boundaries when it comes to advertising in relation to our designs. 

Moving forwards, the importance of social media, content writers and influencers is only going to expand which is especially exciting for us emerging into the world of design, as it will influence the concepts that we produce for the future."

See all of this year's D&AD New Blood winning work here.


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