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Guy Duncan

Founded in 2001, we are a London-based graphic design agency.
Our strength is in producing bold, memorable and effective graphic design and communications— including for print, packaging, digital and moving image. We work for clients big & small, including Nokia, Design Museum London, Sony, Getty Images and a host of smaller independents.


What do you actually do?
Alongside being the creative director overseeing a small team of designers I still do a lot of the design work. I have always been a hands-on designer, and love thinking, but I also really enjoy 'doing'. As we are a fairly small agency clients will always get to speak to a designer directly and we feel that this collaborative spirit really helps the creative process.

What would you be doing if you weren't doing that?
I'd like to say Architect, but it would probably have been working with my Dad on a farm.

How did you get started in the industry?
My first job after leaving Newcastle College (1990) was in London, working for Trevor Jackson mainly designing record sleeves. Then I moved up to Sheffield to work for The Designers Republic, where I worked for 9 years. I quit that job, travelled around the world for a year, came back and set up Build, which I currently run with my wife Nicky.

What's your favourite piece of creative work at the moment?
The last piece of work we have just finished, a promotional newspaper/mailer for the New York-based photographer Timothy Saccenti.

What do you love about your job?
The process. From talking to clients, solving the problem to seeing the final piece. There's not many jobs like it, and day to day it's always different.

If you could give one piece of advice for someone starting out, what would it be?
Sounds obvious, but make yourself visible, not to the point of annoyance.

If you have one Super power what would it be?
The ability to fly would be lovely. Nicky has dreams that she is flying and I never do, so I could join her, that would be rather nice.

What do you want to be when you grow up?
Content, and living back up in my native North Yorkshire.

What was your worst job and what did you learn from it?
I worked for a marquee company in my then home town of Bedale in North Yorkshire, I was 17 at the time. We travelled around putting up marquees at various country events. It was back-breaking work. The lesson? I am not cut out for a manual labour job!

You have already worked with some amazing brands, who would you like to work with next?
We would love to do an identity for an art gallery, Identity is such an exciting area to work in, and one we focus upon.

Your favourite app?
At the moment, 'Bus O'Clock' it's very simple and like all good technology makes my life easier. For anyone who uses buses in London regularly I wholehartedly recommend this app.

Facebook or Twitter?
Twitter, I've never had a Facebook account. And that's not me trying to be smug!

Twitter: @wearebuild

Vimeo: vimeo.com/wearebuild/videos

Website: wearebuild.com


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