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Dom Goodrum

Dom Goodrum

Design Director

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A bit about you

A designer working on content creation software to transform marketing. My approach to design has been shaped by the people I have worked with in Huddersfield, Edinburgh, Amsterdam, London and New York.


How did you get into design?

Verulam School, 1995­-98. Technical drawing classes with Mr English. This is where I got a taste for design systems, communications and craft.


What does a typical day consist of?

I'm meeting a lot of design candidates at the moment as we build our team. We have just started a new project with partners in Colorado to evolve the Percolate Brand Identity, so I’ve been helping there. It's going to be a good one. When it comes down to it though, my job is to guide the design of our software products and brand communications.


What's been the highlight of your career?

The design team we are building at Percolate.


What do you want to be remembered for?

Someone who was truly great at building confidence in others.


What do you love most about your job?

It’s a close call. I love the people, everyone is thoughtful, and cares deeply about the company we are building. Second, is the challenge. It turns out building great products that are easy to use, and provide true value, stretches you to constantly try new things and learn as you go.


What's the best advice you've ever received, and who from?

'It's not how good you are, it's how good you want to be.' ­ ISBN­10: 9780714843377


What was your worst job and what did you learn from it?

I spent the summer of 2005 making graphic make­up swatches for a cosmetics website. After week 4 I was completely over it. Playing with make­up definitely wasn't my thing. The lesson I learned here was to give it my all, that your most important project is the one you are working on. I went on to work for the company for 5 years. An amazing place.


What's your favourite Lovie Winner?

That would have to be Can you draw the internet? from UK agency Saint. A project that captures the imagination of generations who have adopted and grown up with digital. The range of how people have visualized and interpreted the brief is amazing. Definitely some pretty impressive photoshop action going on. A valuable artifact for the future.


What's the most interesting thing you've seen when Judging The Lovie Awards?

One of the most memorable things is the video content from Vice. Especially the Inside Syria report. A raw perspective, absent of traditional media filters, on the impact the Arab Spring had on Syria, it’s government and people. Whilst traumatic and difficult to watch, I admire they are increasing awareness around important issues.


What do you look for when judging The Lovie Awards?

First impressions will always win. Immediacy in communication and interaction is crucial for projects across all categories. Second to this, is how interesting and responsible uses of technology affect our experience.


What app/website can't you live without?

Recently I have been enjoying the short lived delights of Snapchat. I haven't uploaded a photo to Flickr since Instagram. Evernote is where I organize my thoughts daily. But Twitter is the one. Twitter is the one that has truly changed our lives for the better with real­time connectivity. I'd be lost without it.


What's going to be the next big thing?

I’ve been following the rise of wearable devices in recent years. This moment is definitely coming. Somewhere between a pair of glasses and a watch with the ‘Made in California’ stamp, more and more people will begin living with new sensors that change their lense and experience of the world. These technologies will provide great design challenges for us. I’m into all of this.


Call for Entries for The 3rd Annual Lovie Awards are are now closed. If you would still like to make an entry please contact Sophia Taglialavore for special arrangements.


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