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This May, jelly London will be launching a series of exciting, interactive animation workshops aimed to inspire, educate and motivate the next generation of producers. Motion Academy will take place at jelly's HQ in the heart of Fitzrovia, giving agencies first-hand experience with some of jelly’s finest animators.

The sessions will kick-off with a brief overview of animation styles, including stop motion, 2D and 3D. Participants will then be invited into jelly Kitchen, jelly London’s in-house animation studio, and guided through the four vital stages of production by Head of Animation, Sam Burton. Prior to the event, those attending will be asked to send in character designs or written briefs. One lucky person’s idea will be chosen and turned into a short 2D animation by the end of the workshop.

During the 90 minute session, Sam and the team will also go behind the scenes of some of jelly’s greatest work. The group will gain an exclusive insight into the work of Mael Francois and Persistent Peril, discovering the process of how they create their animations.

Keep an eye on jelly’s social media to find out more about Motion Academy...

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