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Nobody likes a show-off. Unless they’re on X Factor and have zero talent, of course; THEN we like a show-off because it makes the dismissive “you’ve got four noes” that bit sweeter. But seriously, if you’re going to brag to the ludicrous degree suggested by my blog title above, then be prepared to get knocked down a few pegs. Because trust me, somebody, somewhere will be able to prove you wrong.

For example, last week I received an email from a company offering ME (a copywriter) their copywriting services…so I took them to pieces. Not simply because they were trying to sell me services that I provided, which is in itself either lazy (i.e., for not taking the trouble to find out what it is I actually do before they emailed me) or moronic. And also not simply because their email was poorly worded. No, I took them to pieces because they bragged about the expertise of their writers and editors…while making some massive howlers on their website and therefore crushing their own credibility without my really needing to do it for them.

That said, I did do it for them. Below you can read my toys-out-the-pram missive which suggests why their “100% money back guarantee” might end up costing them a fortune. That is a very dangerous thing to do.

If you’re going to claim to be that good – and offer to give people their money back if you’re not – you might well find you need to eat a lot of expensive humble pie.

Dear No Name Provided

I was surprised by your email for a number of reasons. Firstly, if you're going to send an email to my direct email address – and assure me that it isn't spam – then why not address me by name? And why not sign it?

But more than that, if you're going to claim to be skilled writers and editors, then it might be an idea to make sure there are no errors in your email. In your message below, there are at least nine grammatical errors, and several clauses and claims that don't make a lot of sense. 

Out of curiosity, I did click through to your website...which is also littered with errors. To give you an example, I presume you can see what's wrong with this big, bold headline? It contains three errors.

Are you looking for a affordable and high quality original article writing service?

I also note in your FAQ:

"What are the benefits from your service?

·          -  High converting 100% unique copyscape article.

·          -  Rich SEO value with well researched keyword placement.

·          -  No need to worry about Grammar & Spelling Errors."

Ironically, that last bullet point contains errors. Incorrect capitalisation counts as an error. (Actually, all the bullet points contain errors – even the question itself – but it's even worse that you've made these errors when you specifically allude to your proficiency with grammar and spelling.)

I'm not saying any of this to be rude, incidentally. But if you are going to approach anybody – and especially an experienced copywriter and editor – offering copywriting and editing services of your own ("of the highest quality"), then the above examples don't do a whole lot for your credibility.

Good luck with your venture.


Ashley Morrison

Founder, We Write Copy (www.wewritecopy.com)

* ..Except that I don’t guarantee that I’m the best copywriter in the world ever.


by Ashley Morrison

Ashley is a copywriter, editor and blogger (just not necessarily the best in the world ever. But he isn't ruling it out.)


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