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Graham WallThe Marketing Store is one of Britain’s leading integrated agencies. Our London office has about 250 people, with around 100 creatives working across all disciplines, including promotional, retail, experiential, product and digital, the last of which we integrate into everything we do.

When and why you joined?
I’m a proper newbie, having joined just a couple of months ago. Why? Well, with its mix of people, heritage and brands, who wouldn’t want to work here?

What do you actually do?
Think, direct, sell, create, listen and have fun. Though not always in that order.

How did you get started in the industry?
The day I walked into an agency for the first time and saw that people earned a living from their imagination, I knew I’d found my calling.

What would you be doing if you weren't in the industry?
I’ve always been a cricket nut, so it’d probably be something that combined words and pictures with Test matches.

What's your current favourite piece of creative work?
The work the team here are doing for McDonald’s Monopoly is stunning – a perfect marriage of creativity and craft.

What do you love about your job?
The creativity, the people, the challenge, the brands, the energy, the buzz…

If you could give one piece of advice for someone starting out, what would it be?
If you don’t believe in your ideas, no one else will.

If you have one Super power what would it be?
Teleportation is the most underrated super-power. Just think, no more daily grind of commuting, the best surf spots and sunsets every day… Plus no matter how busy you were with a pitch, you could always pop home to put your children to bed.

What do you want to be when you grow up?
What I am now – happy.

What was your worst job and what did you learn from it?
Whatever your specialism or sector, being a creative is all about communicating with people – if you can’t picture the person you’re targeting, you’ve little chance of persuading them to do anything. So each of my student-years jobs (like labouring on the docks, and working in supermarkets and fashion stores) gave me the chance to learn what motivates men and women, young and old.

You have already worked with some amazing brands, who would you like to work with next?
Our Planning department has recently completed a study called ‘The emotional shopper’, which measures people’s emotional response to their shopping experience. So it’d be great to partner with a big retail brand and make the most of the findings.

Your favourite app or website?
I’d be utterly lost without bbc.co.uk – it’s my one-stop-shop for news, sport, politics, culture… everything you really need in one beautifully-designed place.

Facebook or Twitter?
Twitter. By a mile.

Website: tmsw.com

Twitter: @marketingstore

Facebook: facebook.com/the-marketing-store


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