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“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Easier said than done for more than 2000 years in all aspects of life, not least communications.

Perhaps quoting scripture is heavy however for me, the most noteworthy work from the Cannes Lions archives is that which respects the intelligence of the viewer and delivers its message with a sense of humanity and wit.

FCB Inferno’s ‘This Girl Can’ print and film campaign for Sport England is a lovely, engaging piece that talks directly to its audience in an authentic, natural way. Its tonality is believable and unpatronising, and at the same time, engaging by simply making you smile with its insightful wit.

By reflecting the true feelings of women and using imagery of the everyday, the campaign not only got noticed at Cannes but more importantly, has resulted in a behavioural change for more than 3million women with its film generating 37million views on YouTube and Facebook.

Nobody likes being patronised. This Girl Can is less of a campaign, more a revolution for reality.

By Chris Halton, Strategy Director, jkr London

This Girl Can (Cannes Lions Gold, 2015) Agency: FCB Inferno


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