Creative Directors on camera


From YouTube, leading advertising creatives explain what they do, why they do it and what excites them.

Bill Bernbach on Creative Qualities. 'The basis for persuasion is to understand what motivates a man' Brilliant stuff from the greatest advertising man of all time.


Sir John Hegarty on technology and creativity. Today's technology may be exciting but the answer to today's brand communications is still based around the idea.


Steve Henry's top tips. To judge advertising maybe you should get out of advertising.


David Abbott. While friends of his age are cramming in trips to Peru, David prefers places where he knows there will be a good English language bookshop. A reminder of the art of gentle persuasion.


Dave Trott, Chairman of the Chip Shop Awards Judging Panel 2009 answers the question "Where do you think creativity is going at the moment?"


Everything you need to know about David Ogilvy in four minutes.


How will established brands succeed in China? UK advertising guru Tim Delaney talks to Bloomberg from Hong Kong.


Tim Mellors. "I just thought I'd talk a little bit about awards."


"Greatness" by Neil French. Don't use a computer. Throw your best ideas in the bin. Excellent advice from the former bullfighter.


David Droga. "When I started, I slept in the agency 2 or 3 nights a week."


Graham Fink. Cameo performance as 'difficult' Creative Director in this viral for Watford College.


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