Cor blimey David!

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By Jessica Hazel


Nothing is going to grab your attention quite like David Beckham tucking his bum cheek back in his boxers during an ad break. Well done H&M for paying whatever amount of money it takes to get the world's most lusted after man to get his kit off in the middle of Corrie. 

David Beckham

In his new campaign for H&M 'bodywear' line, David is the victim of the all too common getting-locked-out-the-house-in-your-underwear drama. Not one  for showing off his bod (cough) David chases a speeding car which has sped off with his dressing gown caught in one of the doors. Showing off a multitude of  athletic skills including running and jumping in spa slippers (just how much are those ankles insured for?), and an effortless front crawl, a determined David only blushes when a truckload of tourists catch him running through the neighbourhood in just his briefs.

The ad was directed by Guy Ritchie who states "David makes the perfect leading man, for me this felt more than a campaign - it was like directing a short film."


David BeckhamBeckham's collaboration with the Swedish retailer H&M started a year ago with the collection comprising of vests, briefs, dressing gowns and long johns. "I love underwear," he said at the launch in London last year. "It's as simple as that. We all have to wear it at times so obviously it was something that I wanted to go into, something that I was very passionate about and also something that I created myself so... you know it's very personal to me and I'm very proud of it."



Sadly though it would appear we haven't seen David Beckham's actual bottom after all, H&M earlier this week confirmed that a body double was used in small parts of the film.

H&M have been clever to release short splices of the ad during TV breaks, sending people grabbing for their laptops to watch the video online, which in full length is 1 minute and 30 seconds long, more of a short film. The last count on You Tube was 7.5 million views. 


At 37 Beckham still appears to be in the prime of life, he is no stranger to modelling and has starred in campaigns for Armani and Police sunglasses - most of which have required him to remove his top.


Although a skantily-clad David is a bit of a no-brainer in terms of getting an advert to go viral, H&M have painted him in the best possible light and have built up enough of a buzz around the whole shabang to ensure that their giant pay cheque has been well-invested.




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