Clay Marzo. Creativity in a 6ft wall of water.


When it comes to surfing, Clay Marzo is unique. He has revolutionised the sport and taken it to a whole new level. In fact, he has pioneered moves so original and complex, that other surfers simply look on in wonder.

The "Marzo Reverse" is one such move that Clay created himself. Six seconds of astonishing aquatic choreography - he is able to reverse his momentum in mid-flight, swing his board in a circle and land on top of the wave backwards and facing away from the shore. Boards were designed to go in one direction, Clay makes his go in two. "I like to try some wild stuff" he says.

This ability to invent a new move, to improvise in the sea, is a defining feature of Clay's surfing style. Doing stuff that nobody else does. Perhaps the most celebrated surfer in the world today, his insatiable creativity makes everyone else look boring.

Clay was different from the start. His mother says that as a baby, he walked without ever having crawled. At the age of 7 months and 1 week, he just stood up and took his first steps. He was riding his own short board at the age of 5.

He also has a strange relationship with water. The only way to get Clay to fall asleep as a baby was to put him in a warm bath around 4 times a day.

Clay also suffers with Asperger syndrome. An autism spectrum disorder that is characterised by significant difficulties in social interaction and being able to express himself.

This obsession with surfing has allowed Clay to extend the possibilities of his sport. Check out the videos and you’ll see he has a deep and profound understanding of salt water rushing towards the shore.

Watch Clay Marzo's Moments


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