British Airways go 3D for latest advertising campaign

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Commissioned by BBH, Jelly London worked with Mr. Kaplin to create a “high-end 3D animation” for British Airways’ latest online and social campaign.

The campaign focusses on BA’s “On Business” rewards scheme, a free to join loyalty programme that helps companies save money on flights through exclusive offers and rewards.

Mr. Kaplin’s brief was to work with the existing brand creative and make a 3D animation that utilised each of the four On Business logos to demonstrate simply how the scheme works.

We caught up with Mr. Kaplin’s Studio Manager Lucy Orr to find out more about the project, and discover what other exciting things the award-winning studio have in store for us this year:

We’re super impressed with your 3D animation for BA, can you tell us a bit more about the job?
LO > Thanks - It was a fun project to work on! We wanted to ensure that the piece had a ‘flow’ to it, so for us the key was coming up with the right transitions to move us from one logo to another in a way that was interesting but also seemed natural and complemented the logos themselves.

Can you talk us through the process?
LO > As we had to replicate the existing brand creative into a 3D space, we used projection mapping to replicate the tones, textures and lighting of the campaign. This enabled us to focus on bringing the piece to life without losing the fine detail of the digital campaign. Once we had mapped all of the textures onto the 3D logos, we recreated the background, lit the scenes and then added additional animated models. We then worked with Suite TV to grade all of the additional 3D content to the match brand campaign.

Did you face any challenges along the way?
LO > The biggest challenge on the project was finding a balance between the print campaign backgrounds and the 3D backgrounds as the lighting set ups of the individual logos overlapped but we were really pleased with the end result.
***Are there any other exciting 3D projects that we should be looking out for this year?
LO > Yes, we’ve been keeping ourselves pretty busy lately so plenty to look out for! There is a new character piece that we’re really excited about and should be releasing shortly, as well a brand project we did for Ericsson.We’ve just started on a new project which will be finished next month - Can’t say too much about it at this stage but it’s going to be a really dynamic, colourful and abstract piece so definitely one to keep an eye out for. There are also a couple of studio projects that we’re currently working on alongside commissioned projects which we hope to finish by the end of the year.

See more of Mr. Kaplin's work here.


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