Bounce Cinema launches its mission to break new ground for young artists

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Cinemas ain't what they used to be, that's for sure. The excitement of a trip to the silver screen to experience thrills, romance, adventure or intrigue has been slowly erased by the banal, sterile environment of the multiplex. Now, the tickets are sold by the same youngsters serving the popcorn and the nachos. Indeed, the snacks are transparently the priority in these places, the movies themselves being almost immaterial.

"A family can easily spend eighty pounds or more"

It's not cheap either; a family can easily spend eighty pounds or more, for the privilege of ninety minutes of derivative plotlines or gormless sequels. One would think the competition offered by DVDs, Netflix, Sky Movies and the rest, would inspire the theatres to raise their game, but with a few honourable exceptions this doesn't seem to be the case.

Happily, Bounce Cinema is one of those exceptions. Changing the whole scope of the traditional movie theatre experience, Bounce has launched its mission to create an original means to connect people more closely with the creative arts.

"Bounce Cinema is breaking new ground"

Partnering with The Hoxton – Bounce Cinema is breaking new ground as London's first film club, to use its platform to help emerging talent showcase their art. Bounce Cinema is part of Film Hub London: a network of film exhibitors in the capital that share a common goal - to ensure cinema is accessible to as many people across the city as possible.

Teardusk is the creative organisation behind the launch of Bounce Cinema, who are screening their first film of the year 'The Lives of Others'. Taking place at The Hoxton, in Holborn, at 6.30pm on the 10th February 2016, it’s part of the Teardusk team's plans to create new doors for young creatives to break into the movie game.

This award-winning film delves into the life of an agent of the secret police, conducting surveillance on a writer and his lover. The night includes a cocktail on arrival, gourmet popcorn and free art inspired by the movie. Teardusk is a youth-led organisation which was established in 2014, aiming to empower the next generation of creators through producing digital content, creative projects and events. They've previously collaborated with Helena Perez Garcia to create illustrations for the launch of the film club.

"Trying to make a sustainable career out of the arts is challenging"

John from Teardusk told me: “As young creatives, we’ve experienced first-hand how difficult it is to break into the industry, and how hard it is for young people to have their voices heard. Trying to make a sustainable career out of the arts is challenging but with Bounce Cinema we aim to make this a reality.”

So the next time you're lost in the sprawling corridors of your local hypermarket-like super cinema, take heart. There are at least a few brave souls screening movies for the love of the medium, not the nachos.


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