Behind the Idea: switching character with Schweppes & Publicis Italy

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We all remember the moment we suddenly realised we had stepped straight into adulthood. Whether it was the first bill, salary, set of responsibilities or the unexpected realisation that the world out there is a harsh place – a part of us felt refreshed as if we had just taken a sip of our favourite drink.

Schweppes and Publicis Italy have provided their creative take into the topic of growing up with the 'Here's to Character' campaign, constructed around a switch moment that shows a young man transitioning into adulthood.

Schweppes' main features include its sharp and bittersweet taste, effervescent texture and loads of bubbles. Though these qualities make it an acquired taste, ‘Here’s to Character’ was developed specifically to highlight the benefits of growing into sophistication and appreciation.

The campaign, made by Publicis Italy, is featured in film, digital and print versions, internationally. To gain some insights on how the campaign was created, we caught up with Publicis to get behind the idea and understand the very origins of this creative work.


What was the brief?

We had a simple yet complex brief: taking the best of the previous campaign - Character Required, evolving it into a purposeful role for the brand Schweppes, showing how you can appreciate life experiences that shape your own character.

With a long lasting effervescence – commonly called Schweppervescence – the product also serves as the perfect social partner to inspire adults to explore and savour both bitter and sweet life experiences. Just like the product perfect balanced taste. 

How did the initial conversations/pitch/brainstorming phase go?

We started the pitch process in March 2019 and officially won it in May.

We worked on a few territories and concepts but we all agreed from the beginning the Switch idea was the strongest one for a Global Charter like this. 

Tell us about the concept and why it was the right choice? 

The strength of our CCI we believe was the modularity and scalability of the Switch. It all revolves around portraying that particular moment in which you realize you have stepped into adulthood and Schweppes is the right companion to celebrate it. Given the different markets and therefore cultures, we had to find solid common habits that were relevant for all regions. Not easy but we believe across all TVC, digital and print assets we have quite a few great occasions.

What’s the main message of the campaign and why is it important? 

That Schweppes is the perfect adult drink for our mid 30s year old consumer target. They are the adults of today, kidults. They no longer read newspapers, they play Fortnite and go to Michelin star restaurants. When they realize they have had this switch into modern adulthood, Schweppes is there to celebrate it with them.


Why will the final assets resonate with consumers? 

Because we deal with real life occasions we have all been through in our 30s. Inviting our father our, talking to women in a different way, choosing quality over quantity.

What’s the most interesting thing or unique fact about the campaign that will help it cut through? 

We think we portrayed different switch moments in a unique way that will be appreciated both from a visual and narrative standpoint.

How long did it take to create from inception to delivery? 

Almost one year.

How satisfying is it to have released the campaign having worked so hard on it?

That moment when.. we are finally on air! Happy and excited for everyone to enjoy it.


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