Awards Alert: There are many great creative women in advertising, men just can’t see them

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A roundup of the most important news of the week in the advertising awards world.


The Eurobest 2016 were held this week in Rome (Italy).

Two new categories were introduced this year: Digital Craft and Creative Data. Also, the Branded Content & Entertainment evolved into the Entertainment category.

Agency of the Year was INGO (Sweden) who won four Grand Prix with their “The Swedish Number” campaign.


World Luxury Award

This week, the winners of the World Luxury Award 2016 were announced.

The competition crowned campaigns in 11 categories, like Luxury Goods, Cars & Yachts, Fashion & Style, Parfum & Cosmetics, Jewellery & Watches, Design & Accessoires, Food & Beverages etc.

Fred & Farid won the Agency of the Year title for the fifth time with four Grand Prix.


Davey Awards

The winners of the Davey Awards 2016 have been announced this week.

This competition recognizes the work done by small agencies, firms, and companies.

YouTube Ads Of The Year 2016

The end of the year means that we will be presented with endless lists. YouTube is one of the first to start with a call to vote for the best ads of the year 2016.

30 nominees have been selected in six categories:

  • #TheYouTubeAd That Takes A Stand
  • #TheYouTubeAd That Puts Stars In Your Eyes
  • #TheYouTubeAd That Is Your Guilty Pleasure
  • #TheYouTubeAd That Goes Straight To The Heart
  • #TheYouTubeAd That Knows No Limits
  • #TheYouTubeAd That Says It In Six

The vote is open until December 9th.


And also


Big Winners of the Week

  • “The Responsive Lookbook” for Diesel by Fred & Farid Paris won the Grand Prix at the World Luxury Award 2016
  • “The Macallan Rare Task” for The Macallan by Master For You won the Grand Prix at the Davey Awards 2016 and at the World Luxury Award 2016
  • “Brad is Single” for Norwegian by TRY won the Grand Prix at the Eurobest
  • “We’re The Superhumans” for Channel 4 by 4Creative won the Grand Prix at the Eurobest 2016


Big story of the week: PJ Pereira, really ?

One of the most awarded creatives of all time, PJ Pereira, CCO of Pereira & O’Dell, posted this week on Linkedin the following note:


The theme of diversity, and the fact that there are only 11% percent of creative directors that are women and that most award competitions struggle to reach a gender parity in juries, has been the main theme of the industry these past years.

It seems that events addressing this issue, such as the 3% Conference and their recent Next Creative Leaders initiative, are still not enough.

Can someone help PJ Pereira to remove his colored glasses and look around to see the depth of quality female talent in the industry ?

Just have a look at the jury presidents at the recent Eurobest 2016 festival. Just saying !


Quote of the Week

- Should we add a nice sprig of festive holly to the corner of our website? - Clear your desk. #thingsyouhearinagencies

Stu the copywriter on Twitter


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