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Tech and data will try try – and fail – to outshine creativity in 2019 according to Sam Walker. The ECD at London creative studio Uncommon offers his thoughts on the year ahead.

What will be the biggest trend in 2019?

The trend of talking about trends. The industry seems to spend more and more time talking about itself.

What is the biggest challenge for the industry at this point?


What is your biggest hope for the industry in 2019?

That we put our faith in creativity.  

What was the best piece of work you saw this year and would like to see more of?

Nothing Beats a Londoner by Nike was obviously great and made most other things seem rational and boring.

And the Truth campaign for the New York Times felt actually important as a piece of communication in a world gone mad.

What technological changes do you see having the most impact on your business in the future and why?

Tech and data and analytics will try their best to prove why tech and data and analytics are best.

But none of it will ever replace genuine creativity because it’s only ever retrospective and analysing what has gone before.

How will Brexit affect your company or sector in 2019?

As always, in difficult market conditions the bolder, nimbler and more creative you are the better you can withstand the winds.

What learnings can the industry take from 2018 in order to make next year more productive?

Stop worrying about the next big thing and remember creativity is all.

What’s your own biggest personal goal in terms of work for 2019?

The same as every year really, keep pushing myself and try to do my best work yet.


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