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A basic guide to fair licensing

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We are surrounded by UGC. People continuously share millions of images, videos, and art, with most of us not giving a second thought to who might take and re-use our visuals without permission. For people within creative industries, unauthorised use of their work is a big deal.

As recently as this week, a major clothing label was called out for copyright infringement. The creative industry was furious at the lack of support and respect offered to the original artist for their work.


Image by @NickMKE

In simple terms, licensing work gives a third party permission to use the content while the original producer retains the rights. This also allows artists, photographers and other creatives to be fairly paid and credited for their work. Sourcing artwork can be tricky, and knowing where your images come from and whether they are being accredited and licensed is vital for protecting both yourself and the creative industry as a whole.


Image by pixelicus

The digital age has seen countless cases of content use going beyond the boundaries of ‘fair use’, and the ensuing legal repercussions have created uncertainty and unease across the creative landscape. In most cases, the original creator of any image or content owns the rights to it.


Image by Pabak Sarkar

However, being able to track and trace how and where your content is being sourced from makes the life of a creative a whole lot simpler.


Written by George Janes


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