5 minutes with... Nigel Edginton Vigus - Creative Director at Wunderman



"My career has had a few twists and turns"


Tell us what you do for a living and who you work for?
Saving the world, oiling the wheels of commerce and bringing joy to millions - an ad, banner, MPU, website, DM piece, letter, SMS or email at a time. I work for the UK's biggest direct agency, Wunderman.

What does that involve?
Challenging things: clients, account people, planners, creatives, myself and, well, everything to ensure our work starts conversations. Nine times out ten, it's fun.

How did you get started in the industry?
The only things I loved at school were art and English, so it was a pretty direct and deliberate path to art-college then into business.

What would you be doing if you weren't doing that?
My career has had a few twists and turns. So I've been a graphic designer, partner in a design agency, panel beater/sprayer, Betterware and print salesman, new business manager and barman. If I weren't doing this, I'd probably be in the paybox of a waltzer ride on a funfair. No, really.

What's your all-time favourite piece of creative work?
Professionally: the one I haven't yet seen. Personally: anything my kids draw, paint, make out of Plasticine, Blu-Tack, Lego or bog rolls, old boxes, coloured paper...

What do you love about your job?
It feeds my addiction to problem solving. And having just had some wonderful people treating my karate injury in Bournemouth A&E, and seeing what they have to deal with, I feel humbled and very, very lucky.

What do you hate about your job?
Having to wonder where the sniper's bullet might come from - the grassy knoll, the repository… That and bloody timesheets.

Tell us your favourite website
Have you seen Club Penguin? Apart from the sheer cleverness of the whole thing, I watched my son (Pebbles 123) and several hundred other penguins trying collectively to road drill a chunk off an iceberg. It was one of the most surreal and funny things I have ever seen.

If you could give one piece of advice, what would it be?
Don't take my advice.

Where can people follow you online?
The usual. Or Google me, yeah?

Follow Nigel:
Twitter: @nigelev
LinkedIn: /Nigel Edginton-Vigus
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