5 minutes with... James Temple - R/GA


Tell us what you do for a living and who you work for? 
I'm the Executive Creative Director at R/GA in London.
With the team, I create digital experiences.

What does that involve?
Leading, Learning, Understanding, Inspiring and Executing.
I'm pretty hands-on. I thrive on designing digital products.

I span across all accounts and new business, from inception to execution. We create campaigns, apps, web utilities, commerce platforms, retail installations, brand design and visionary prototypes, so the challenges are always there to keep things interesting.

Within this work I'm really focused on the collaboration between copy, visual design, interaction design, motion design and tech. For me this is the magic mix to create good digital work.

A key part of our DNA in London is Brand Experience. By this I mean creating ideas that are executed with a visual and behavioral style that is ownable for the brand; a perfect fusion of form and function that makes digital experiences a pleasure to interact with.

With these experiences there is a focus on creating digital product: interactive utilities that span beyond campaign cycles, servicing people on a recurring basis, providing the opportunity for brands to have more meaningful relationships with their customers. I help install this model within our existing client partnerships and new business opportunities.

And as we all know, doing great work is about working with great people. We have an outstanding creative team here at R/GA. We're constantly growing, so I put a lot of time into meeting talent from all over the globe to ensure we have a steady stream of world-class creative minds.

How did you get started in the industry?
At university in 1996 I started executing briefs through a browser. Paper seemed so limited and one dimensional at the time. Print finishes and specials were sexy, but there was a dimension that was lacking. Interaction provided the opportunity to bring an idea to life in an altogether richer way – one that could be manipulated and enhanced constantly.

Before my last year at university I worked at IBM's Media Design Studio in Toronto. The team there worked on everything from the Olympics to enterprise-level user interfaces. It was eye-opening to say the least and an invaluable lesson in digital design and interaction.

After graduation I headed back to the US where I joined a design studio that specialised in creating innovative interfaces. From then on I was hooked and joined R/GA in New York in 2006 with a view to helping establish the London office.

What would you be doing if you weren't doing that?
Motorsport or a global nomad. Maybe both.

What's your all-time favourite piece of creative work?
The iPhone.

What do you love about your job?
The people. The work. In the last four years we've assembled a cast of all-stars in London that make every day an inspiration and allow us to deliver the quality R/GA has gained a global reputation for. We also have great client partners who have the same passion and ambition to do game-changing digital work and provide us the diversity of challenge to keep our work fresh.

What do you hate about your job?
Politics. Budgets. 24/7.

Tell us your favourite website
It changes every week. At the moment I'm back into ffffound – it's not a website as such, but it provides great visual stimulation…and I'm a fan of tha ltd.

If you could give one piece of advice, what would it be?
Keep it simple: simple messages; simple interactions. It doesn't matter how progressive the idea, the data or the technology, simplicity is still key to making the right impression.

Where can people follow you online?
Twitter: @templeoflove
Facebook: /james.temple
LinkedIn: /jamestemple
Flickr: /jamestemple
Foursquare: /templeoflove
Delicious: @jactemple
Dopplr: /JamesTemple
ffffound: /jamestemple
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