Sweden Makes Designs on the UK

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This September, the London Design Fair will welcome the UK launch of Swedish Design Moves, a four-year programme to promote awareness of Swedish design, architecture and fashion around the world.

Swedish Design Moves aims to highlight the innovative, bold and creative design that drives Sweden. It is based on the concept that Swedish design is not only shaped by Sweden’s culture, but Sweden’s culture is shaped by its design. Commissioned by the Swedish government, the scheme is led by Visit Sweden in collaboration with Architects Sweden, ASFB-Association of Swedish Fashion Brands, the Swedish Federation of Wood and Furniture (TMF) and Svensk Form.

Design and creativity are of huge importance socially, culturally and aesthetically to Sweden, and has a deep connection to the country’s progressive values since it is driven by the idea of equality for all. The Swedish Design Moves programme highlights how Swedes channel their creativity and innovation into designing beautiful yet functional solutions for everyone, not just the privileged few – design is seen as a tool to solve problems in unexpected ways and challenge the status quo to create a better life for everyone.

Whilst Sweden’s design reflects its position as an outward looking, cosmopolitan and international country, within the Swedish design community, there is a much stronger connection and current movement back towards its heritage and craft skills than many people realise. Small-scale design with a unique identity is enjoying a renaissance in Sweden, telling stories and producing products locally and sustainably.

From 21-24 September 2017, visitors to the London Design Fair (part of September’s month-long London Design Festival) will be able to discover Swedish Design Moves first hand at the Swedish Design Pavilion – in partnership with Southern Sweden Creatives. Southern Sweden Creatives is a three year project supporting small and medium-sized cultural and creative companies from southern Sweden to grow internationally (currently the largest export-related project for the cultural and creative industries in Sweden) and will bring 11 design companies to exhibit at the pavilion. Lead project partner from Southern Sweden Creatives for the Swedish Design Pavilion is Form/Design Center - a hub for knowledge and inspiration in form, architecture and design.

All 11 exhibiting designers hail from Skåne and its trend-setting capital Malmö, currently seen as one of Sweden’s leading design hotbeds. Providing exhibition space for these forward-thinking, hot young designers, the Swedish Design Pavilion will highlight some of their boldest, most innovative design work. There will also be the opportunity to try Swedish food and drink at the Swedish Design Pavilion, including fika – the all-important Swedish tradition of enjoying coffee and cake with friends.


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