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Blutui has partnered with Creativepool to offer digital creatives their first three months free and 50% off for life on their accounts. We’re passionate about supporting the creative industry, that’s why we’ve developed the Blutui web platform to focus on design freedom, project control and an app that agencies and designers can brand as their own.

What is Blutui?

Pronounced ‘Blue Tooey’ after the native New Zealand bird the Tui, Blutui is a professional platform for building websites. With Blutui you build with your code, there is no reliance on plugins, no fixed templates, only the freedom to create.


We began our journey down here in New Zealand in a little digital agency, some four short years ago. There was no fanfare, no ringing of the bell in celebration of impending IPO success. We are after all designers building a web design platform and consider a Converse, tee-shirt & jeans approach to beat corporate culture hands down.

The platform was born out of the F-word. No, the other one - Frustration - at the lack of dedicated web development tools solely geared toward creative designers and agencies.

For years our digital agency built loads of sites, and within a relatively short time we found ourselves nursing a growing handful of fragmented systems. Systems that boasted templates, themes, plugins and widgets as the most effective way to create sites quickly; systems our front end designers hated using.

By the time we made the decision to build a commercial platform we were drowning in tech fatigue and fragmentation, the cost of which had become unbearable. It seemed it would be far less painful to build our own platform as the systems we were using were fast becoming outdated and the sheer number of them were getting out of control. The problem was that no single technology offered a universal platform to do whatever our clients needed us to do.

Where next?

We are on a mission to provide the best web building experience to our creative and agency friends. From start to finish we are committed to making web projects seamless and hassle free. We don’t stop at the app, we are building resources for stakeholders that provide real value to the business of building web properties. We'd love you to join us on our journey; so to help you take the first step we’re offering an exclusive Half For Life opportunity to Creativepool designers and agencies.


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