DWA Presents Ultimate Events, September Edition, Part II

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With each new day, you can guarantee that some very bright people are planning get-togethers designed to have massive impacts for everyone involved. The settings can be musical, artistic, creative, academic or business-focused; these are events you hear about before saying, “that sounds awesome,” and “sign me up.” This actively researched and updated blog series is my answer to helping people learn about ultimate events on a timely basis.

Follow this link to see all the events and activities set for this year's New York Advertising Week, kicking off 25 September:

September Events II
. 7-17 | Toronto International Film Festival
. 13-17 | Expo Chicago
. 14-19 | IBC, Amsterdam
. 15-17 | Festival Stop Motion, Montreal
. 15-17 | Riot Fest, Chicago
. 16-19 | ADCOLOR®, Los Angeles
. 16 | Motion Plus Design's Meet-Up Paris
. 17-21 | IFP Film Week, Brooklyn
. 18-24 | Global Peace Film Festival, Orlando
. 18-20 | TechCrunch Disrupt, San Francisco
. 18-23 | Trojan Horse Was a Unicorn, Troia, Portugal
. 20-22 | Generate, London
. 20-24 | Ottawa Intl. Animation Festival
. 21-28 | Fantastic Fest, Austin
. 22-24 | MUTEK Argentina, Buenos Aires
. 25-29 | Advertising Week NYC
. 25 | The CEO Initiative, NYC
. 25-26 | MMA2 SM2 Innovation Summit, NYC
. 25-26 | Web Unleashed, Toronto
. 26-27 | Brand ManageCamp, Las Vegas
. 26-27 | New York Media Festival, NYC
. 27-29 | Transform 2017, Rochester, Minnesota
. 27 | CLIO Awards, CLIO Image, CLIO Music, NYC
. 27 | The iCONIC Tour, LA
. 28 | Millennials Marketing Conference, Sydney
. 28 Sep. - 15 Oct. | New York Film Festival, NYC
. 28-29 | Silicon Beach Bournemouth

Featured Video: 2016 Advertising Week Highlights
Featured Image: Scott Webb, Ontario, Canada


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