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DWA brings you the November Creative Calendar, Part I

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With each new day, you can guarantee that some very bright people are planning get-togethers designed to have massive impacts for everyone involved. The settings can be musical, artistic, creative, academic or business-focused; these are events you hear about before saying, “that sounds awesome,” and “sign me up.” This actively researched and updated blog series is my answer to helping people learn about ultimate events on a timely basis.

Follow this link to the official Events listing for this year’s European Creativity Festival, running 9-11 November:

November Events I
. 28 Oct. – 5 Nov. | Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival, Banff
. 30 Oct. – 3 Nov. | New York Digital Signage Week, NYC
. 1-30 | Movember, Everywhere
. 1-2 | ad:tech, NYC
. 1-8 | American Film Market, Santa Monica
. 1-3 | SEGD Xlab Conference, NYC
. 2-3 | The 3% Conference, NYC
. 2 | Clio Entertainment Awards, Los Angeles
. 2 | The Modern Magazine, London
. 2-3 | WIRED Live, London
. 3-4 | The Future, Dublin
. 4-5 | ComplexCon Cultural Festival, Long Beach
. 4 | WIRED Next Generation, London
. 6-8 | Customer Expo, Nashville
. 7-8 | DesignThinkers, Toronto
. 7-8 | Mirren CEO Summit, Chicago
. 7-8 | Digital Marketing World Forum Conference & Expo, NYC
. 8-9 | Innovate 2017, The Global Spotlight on UK Innovation, Birmingham
. 9-16 | AFI Fest, Los Angeles
. 9 | CreateTech, Los Angeles
. 9-10 | Creative Futures Expo, Toronto
. 9-16 | DOC NYC
. 9-11 | European Creativity Festival, Barcelona
. 9-11 | Palm Springs International Animation Festival, Palm Springs

Featured Video: 3rd European Creativity Festival
Featured Image: Brent De Ranter, Belgium


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