Cannes Lions 2019: Future Lions winners announced

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Future Lions, the official student ideas competition for the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, has announced the winners of this year's run with three schools taking four trophies and Miami Ad School being named School of the Year.

The competition, now in its 14th year and run by digital agency AKQA, encouraged students to break through perceived limits and onnect brands with audiences in new ways in 2019.

Over 1,000 entries from a record 444 schools across 71 countries were received. Despite the socially neutral brief, entries from all over the world have consistently revealed a growing emphasis on ideas themed around societal progress, contribution and positive impact. Here are the winning schools and work that earned recognition.


McDonald’s - Mcfive


Light-based disinfection technology is integrated into McDonald’s touch-screen service points, and customers are prompted to high-five the screen after ordering, which sterilises their hands before eating, in a simple and fun way.

Team: Da Hye Lee, Dong Hwi Jung, Lin Heo, Se Hun Oh, Seung Yeon Lee

School: Hongik University, Seoul


Vodafone - UR Voice


A necklace device uses AI to recreate the voice of a patient that has lost their natural voice, and syncs this with the patient’s mouth movements and gestures, to recreate the patient’s full range of vocal expression and emotion. 

Team: Amanda Sanromã, Gabriel Gonçalves, Lucas Y Justino, Matheus Valery

School: University Centre of Fine Arts, São Paulo


Apple - Epilepsy Watch Out


Apple Watch is used to detect a seizure, and Siri then provides step-by-step instructions to guide bystanders - who may otherwise feel powerless or afraid - to assist the patient, thus showing the potential for wearable technology to help both the wearer and those around them.

Team: Arendse Rohland, Sarah Peen Andersen

School: Miami Ad School, Hamburg



The future: Sarah Peen andersen, Andrese Rohland (Miami Ad School, Hamburg); Lin Heo, Dong Hwi Jung (Hongik University); and Matheus Valery, Lucas Y Justino (University of Fine Arts, Sao Paulo)


Miami Ad School is the Future Lions 2019 School of the Year, having provided the most shortlisted finalists, including Epilepsy Watch Out. 

Over the past decade, 99% of Future Lions winners have moved into employment within the creative ad industry at international companies.




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