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The deadline for entries to this year's Creativepool Annual awards is fast approaching and with just over two weeks to submit your work, we've compiled a list of top tips to get you on your way.

From telling your story and presenting the results supporting your entry with client quotes - it's essential reading for the next crop of creatives set for induction into this year's book.

1. Idea is king

The Annual champions conceptual thinking and ground-breaking ideas and initiative. Make sure that the idea behind your campaign or project is clear to the judges. Make them see how you came up with the solution that you have.

2. Tell a story

Create a journey for the judges and tell the story of your idea. Don’t forget, the best way to remember an idea is through the feelings it evoked.

3. Be honest

The judges know that not every brief is easy and want to hear about the process behind the final execution. Elevate your creative idea by combining it with humility and empathy to really bring it to life in front of the judges.

4. Amplify your results

Did your work achieve what it set out to in the brief? Effectiveness is important for judges so make sure to maximise the results your project gained for the client.

5. Opinions matter

When it comes to writing your award entries, be sure to consult your wider internal team. Other opinions can make a difference and help craft and important details to your story.

6. Get evidence

Back up everything you’re saying in the rest of your entry with evidence and quotes from people you worked with on your project. Client testimonials are especially valued and can make the difference.

7. The right choice

It can be confusing to put your work into a category. Make sure you look at the previous winners and shortlisted entries for reference, read the entry criteria under each section carefully. If you feel a project covers two categories, then entering in both categories will give you a better chance of success.

8. Streamline your entry

Pay attention to the word count. Judges will have to read approximately 30 entries, so you need to summarise why you deserve to win with concise copy that’s to the point.

9. Enter the right assets & credit your team

The judges don’t want to see pixelated images or corrupted case study videos. Make sure you gather the best supporting material to give your work the best chance of standing out among the competition and tag everybody involved using MadeItCredits.

10. Don't be shy

The Creativepool Annual is set up to be the most inclusive, fair and useful creative award on the planet. We work hard on ensuring that all entrants get value from taking part, including giving feedback from the judges and ensuring large and small companies and individuals have an equal chance at winning.

Submission for the Annual 2019 close on Friday 1 February. Download the entry pack and upload your work here.


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