Event Round Up: Get to know UGC with Jukin Media

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On 5th April, 40 creatives, marketers and producers joined us at Jukin's London HQ for a lunch session to uncover the what, how, when and where of organic user-generated video and why brands and agencies should be using this inimitable creative resource in their advertising and marketing campaigns.

Jukin Media’s Senior Commercial Licensing Manager for EMEA, Loranc (pronounced Lawrence) Sparsi, walked the group - and those joining via Google Hangout - through how brands and agencies are successfully utilising this incredible medium in their creative storytelling.


For the full low down listen to our podcast and check out the supporting visuals below.
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Jukin Media is a Global Media Company, headquartered in the USA and powered by organic user-generated video. 

What is User Generated Content?


User-generated content, or UGC, is a buzzword that is thrown around somewhat. There are many different types, to give some context we're going to split these into three buckets. There's commissioned user-generated-content created by end users for competitions and reward schemes, there's influencer-led UGC which again is commissioned by a brand and then there is organic user-generated video content, which is videos that are captured in our day to day lives and the type of content that powers Jukin Media.

Why are brands choosing organic user-generated video?


Producers rarely share the work they or their peers produce outside of their working environment. Our partners Tubular, a video analytics company, confirm that what we are more commonly sharing is organic user-generated video. They found that UGC is 50% more trusted and 35% more memorable - outperforming other types of influencer-led or produced media.  No wonder brands are trying to figure out to integrate UGC in their campaigns.

How does Jukin Media work?


How does Jukin Media guarantee the quality and safety of this organic content for Brands?


What kind of brands use the content? Can organic user-generated video be used for mediums other than social?

Every brand out there is trying to figure out how to utilise and integrate this type of content into their marketing and advertising efforts.  We work closely with WCRS who produce Santander's multi-channel UGC campaign series, we supplying the agency with a wealth of content for their on-going UGC strategy.  

Big brands are using our content for big moments. Google Photos used thirteen moments for their spot during the 89th Academy Awards. It performed very well and as a result outperformed other Youtube content on Google's channel 80:1 with more than 14 million views.

For example, O2 were looking for real videos of real people accidentally damaging or breaking their phone screens for a social media campaign to effectively drive their ‘Free screen replacement when you buy the latest phone'  brand messaging.  The campaign garnered a 32% higher view rate than any other O2 branded content launched during the campaign period.
3.33 million views, 6.96 million impressions and 6.4K reactions. 

PNC were after real genuine moments of first time homeowners and their families entering their new homes.  Jukin sourced, acquired and cleared these 9 incredible clips for the campaign.  

You don't need lots of clips to create an innovative campaign, especially if your budget is limited.

Here is an example of a campaign made with a single clip. You can check out a few more for Samsung, Nike, NowTV and An Post here.

Get creative with our catalogue and win £6,000!

Jukin Media and Creativepool have launched the very first user-generated content powered video contest, inviting creatives from all over Europe to use this mostly untapped resource to create refreshing social media campaigns for their favourite brands.

Prizes of £6,000 and a top of the range Macbook are available for those creatives and creative teams who create the most effective, shareable and memorable campaigns using content from Jukin Media's incredible video catalogue.

Get more information and check out the full brief here.