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I have a relatively busy life. Beyond my 9–6 job in London as a Creative Director, I have to spend 2 hours either side commuting to and from work, 5 days a week. I generally stagger in from 8pm, I find I'm pretty exhausted, hungry, creatively drained and unable to do much beyond eating and catching up with my equally busy wife. Weekends are just as hectic — I’ve two very active young kids who regularly need ferrying to and from various clubs, parties or want to go to the park to play (as they are encouraged to do). 

Yet, with all my commitments and time sapping responsibilities, I still manage to write. I found a sweet spot in my schedule which I utilise to the max. Where exactly in the day is this miracle ‘golden’ time? It’s 35 minutes within my 2 hour commute. That’s it — 70 minutes a day (round trip) which roughly translates as 3–5 pages a day, 5 times a week, every week, without fail (if possible). I’m even more fortunate that I have to use one of the worst train lines in the UK, Southern Rail, which barely runs on time and is frequently delayed — bonus… more writing time for me.

++ The key to writing around a busy schedule is dedication and routine ++

You need to utilize the dead time in your day, it’s there if you look hard enough for it , it's usually that moment when you scroll lazily around Facebook, commenting on posts about cats being spooked by cucumbers. Take that time back for yourself and make it your own. Our lives are filled to overload already, but unless you put time aside to write, you’re going to struggle to be consistent with your writing output. For me, writing is as important as work, family and life — so it needs a level of commitment in order for it to grow.

Next time you find yourself staring out of the window, or worse, staring blankly into your phone, scrolling past the same old Facebook posts or Trump tweets, get your laptop out (or pen and paper) and write something.

You won't regret it.


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