Top 5 tips on getting the most from your profile

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At the time of writing, Creativepool is now home to well over 270,000 creatives, with 20,000 companies using the platform to find talent from across the globe.

If you are a member on the platform, standing out among so many other talented people can be tough.

So, if you aren’t getting the traction you feel you should be, or you’d like to know how to get more, we’ve put together a few tips on how to get the most from the platform.

1. Complete your profile


This is the most obvious but easily overlooked part of being a part of the platform. Making sure you’ve filled out as much of your details on your profile means that when companies are searching for talent, they get to find out as much as they can about you. A poorly finished profile will put them off almost instantly!

Completing your profile includes making sure all the tabs in your Profile Settings have been completed. But also includes uploading your latest work and if you have some written insights to share then consider becoming an article contributor.

2. Get found


Your get listed data is how you are most likely to get found when prospective clients and employers are searching the database. Filling this out and signing up for job alerts are the best way to keep in touch with the latest opportunities on the site.

#TopTip: If you don’t have this filled out then you won’t turn up in any searches on the platform.

3. Be active


Like all social media, the more active you are on the platform the more that will happen. Being active on Creativepool can be broken down into two sub-headings: using the networking functions and keeping up to date.

• Being active means connecting with your friends, following companies you have worked with or want to work for and generally getting involved in the community by following those that inspire you. Liking work that you come across and leaving comments is a great way to help build your network and to help others get that buzz about what they have created.

• Keep your profile up to date! Logging into the site on a regular basis shows people when they are searching that you are active.

#TopTip2: Where you turn up on the site is determined by how long ago you logged in and what you did when you were there.

4. Make the Top 25


The Top 25 is our ranking system. Through complicated development wizardry it finds the best people on Creativepool and gives them a Top 25 badge. It is updated every week and takes in a huge number of different factors to rank everyone on the site, but it’s all based around your job title. The best way to break into the Top 25 is to keep uploading great work and leverage your network to connect and like the work that you have created.

5. Upload work


We are a visual platform for a visual industry and your work should be front and centre for everyone to see.

#TopTip3: Don’t upload every piece you do. Choose your best work to display and make sure you fill out the content required when uploading. Build up a story about what you did and why. If you want to show your workings and brainstorming process, then that’s also a great visual journey for people to be able to see and understand how you got to your final piece.

Go Pro

The final tip we have is to think about upgrading to a Pro Account. This has a whole raft of benefits that will help you stand out above the rest of the people on the platform as well as give you tools and insights that you don’t get from a standard profile.


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