The one thing you must do right to have any chance of landing a job.


by Michael Tomes.


Or the alternative heading "Read this and you might just get the job you want".

It has been a while since I have written to the candidates on Creativepool other than when I produce the Hot Jobs bulletin each week, and include a few words of wisdom. But the past few days have spurned me to give some advice to you all, as my recent experience has shown me just how poorly some people sell themselves when applying for a job.

It all started when I posted a job on Creativepool looking for bloggers to write for us here at CP Towers.

As I started to go through the applicants it became clear that the a good chunk of the potentials hadn't done the two most basic of things when sending off your application.

Read the job description and make sure that your covering letter answers what the job spec asks.

When an employer is looking through applications you only have a short amount of time to make and impression. If you do not make a reference to what the job advert is asking for, then it is highly unlikely that you are going to get the job. If you do not answer the questions posed in the advert, you are also unlikely to get the job. And if you don't use a covering letter at all then you might as well not bother applying.

Hopefully for most of you this is self evident and for those of you who haven't been doing this - please rethink next time you apply.

There is more information on CP to help you get a job - take a look at our Career Advice Section.

Kind regards,

Michael Tomes
CP Director


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