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Ten principles for creativity.

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For the last fifteen years, we’ve been helping brands use creativity to change things for the better.

When it comes to our creative ethos, we keep it simple. Just four beliefs drive our work: Make things that are beautiful.
Make things that are smart.
Make things that inspire the people we work for and their audience.
Make things that have an impact.

We also have ten principles that shape our ideas, creative approach and team culture.  

1: Fear is good.
The knot in your stomach is okay. It means you’re outside of your comfort zone and challenging the status quo.

2: Design with optimism.
There is enough negativity already. Don’t add to it. Ideas will flow faster, and the process and work you create will have a positive effect.

3: Only work with awesome people.
If you do, whatever you create is much more likely to be awesome. Not forgetting those awesome people include clients.

4: Don’t be afraid to ask why?
It will help find a clear purpose at the heart of your projects and liberate its ambition and ability to be distinct.

5: Make the audience the hero.
Know who you’re designing for and remember they are real people. Put them first and inspire them.

6: Own an idea.
Design thrives if a big idea motivates it.

7: Create a powerful story.
Ideas need a narrative. Find ways to tell unique stories, simply.

8: Make every moment an experience.
Use the precious time we have with people and make it count. Every little detail matters.

9: Sometimes you have to say no.
You’re more often defined by what you don’t do.

10: Forget what you know and start again.
Be restless and reboot. Repeat this as often as you need to avoid settling.


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