Opinions - Should creative people live with creative people?


by John Fountain


*Cast your eyes over to the right hand side of this blog and you'll notice something called "Date a Creative".

For all the time that I've been writing blogs for Creativepool, I admit I haven't given that web banner very much attention. I've never clicked through. Never wondered what's on the other side. I am not interested to tell the truth. I'm married you see and have no real desire to add any more complexity to my already complicated life.

But something struck me when I saw it the other day and I started thinking "is it a good idea for a creative to get it together with another creative?" Would that work? Or would it be destined to fall upon the rocks and come crashing down in a typically spectacular and dramatic fashion?

Looking back over my years, I had some relationships with some lovely ladies employed within the creative industries. They all failed and they all failed fairly quickly. The reasons are many but I'd guess that a big part would be that we couldn't agree on things. Creative people have strong opinions and different tastes. We like to express these opinions and tastes and we don't do it quietly.

So when you put two creative people together under one roof, the chances are it soon gets competitive. You can bet there will be a fight over everything from the colours of the walls to the food on the table. And pretty soon all this leads to friction.

The lady I married (19 years ago last week folks), does not work in the creative industry and never has. Sure she's interested in what I do, she has great style and taste and she probably knows more about modern art than most people I know.

She is creative. But she's not in the same sense that I am. By that I mean - I make a living by thinking creative thoughts, talking about creativity, writing about creativity and every now and again coming up with original creative ideas.

And she has no interest in any of that.

Our relationship works because we like doing the same stuff together, we give each other space, and we know that one person is good at one thing, while the other is good at something else.

We don't ever try and compete with each other. Unless it's about who's the best driver. And that's me, no question.

John Fountain is a copywriter.

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