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by John Fountain



A few months back I started a new full-time job. Now, I won't get myself into trouble by naming the agency, but it didn't quiet work out the way I would have liked. So after 10 days into the job, I quit. The problem was that this agency wanted to build their creative reputation, but didn't have a clue how to go about it.Inside the agency, the culture was wrong. I could see that they were suffocating themselves with process and generally overcomplicating their lives. The biggest problem was that the business had been badly set-up from the start - a fact well illustrated by the choice of technology being used. You see, everyone in creative (designers and writers), worked on a PC.

Personally I had never seen a PC based creative department before and I don't know of any designer who would put up with it. I wasn't happy about it myself and created a bit of a hissy fit. The keyboard was clunky. Sending emails and downloading files was complex. And frankly it was dull, dull, dull. What's more, as a senior creative, I was pissed off having to ask people how to use it and do the basic stuff.

That was a few months back and today I'm into my third week at another agency. For me, this is a much better place to be. It's more adventurous, has better clients, and I'm working alongside some great creative folk.

But the weird thing is, while all the designers are working on Macs, the writers here are happily tapping away on PCs.

It was a shock. What really took me by surprise was that they were all ok about it. Pretty much all of the writers told me that they preferred a PC. It's no different to a Mac they told me, and you pay about half the price.

To me, the price is irrelevant. The reason I work on a Mac is because it's standard kit for our industry. It's the language we all speak. Anyone who is any good uses one. Well that's what I thought anyway.

So over the last few weeks I've managed to get my head around a PC. I know where the important bits are, what does what, and so forth. I can send an email, download attachments, - it's a joy to watch me at work.

But when I'm working from home, when the big chord start up resonates around the room and the Apple logo appears on screen for me it's a no brainer.


John Fountain is a copywriter.

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