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Here Are 5 Freelancing Jobs That Pay Surprisingly Well

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If you are considering starting out as a freelancer, then you probably want the career path where you can earn the most money. However, getting paid well also depends on your quality of work, skill level and experience. Knowing what kind of jobs and skills earn the most in your market, can help you plan for a future freelancing career. Find a list of five jobs that earn the most in the freelancing industry from FreelanceMyWay.


1. Programming and software development

If you are considering a programming job, then consider software and mobile app development for the most income. These jobs pay the most because they are challenging to master and there aren’t many good coders available. Therefore, if you are good at coding then you’re in high demand. Taking the time and investment to develop strong coding skill scan pay off substantially. You could earn up to $150 an hour for your services if you understand programming languages such as iOS and WebGL.

2. Content marketing & writing

One of the most popular fields for freelancers is content writing. You could make up to $5,000 a month doing blogging for business and helping them write and produce content for their business. This job requires producing a lot of content at a skilled level. It also requires that you have a creative outlook to write interesting articles that will pay well.

3. Video editing

You could make up to $72,000 per year as a freelance video editor in the US. There is a high demand for video editors and this has a lot to do with new opportunities by platforms like Instagram, YouTube and Facebook. If you understand how to create great video content and put clips together then this could be a great freelance option for you.

4. Translation

The online world is global, and this requires language translation skills to connect people across the globe. To offer these services, you will have to be fluent in a second language. If you are gifted with languages, then it is worth your time learning new languages since the translation market will only continue to flourish. You can charge hourly rates of $25 for translation services.

5. Information security

Recent data breaches at large companies have propelled the demand for IT security services. If you are thinking about becoming a freelance IT security consultant, it’s important that you have a strong understanding of databases, networks, computer viruses and pinpointing weaknesses in computer systems. Having a professional website will help you appear more credible to prospective clients. Also, having certifications such as Cisco (CCIE) and Microsoft (MCSE) will further your chances of securing a job.

Earn more today!

If you want wealth then you will need to spend less or earn more. If you have the right skills or are willing to learn more, then considering a freelance career that provides higher pay. These roles can allow you to make a full-time living or even supplement your income in a meaningful way.


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