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Where are all the great media jobs hiding? Why isn't there a website that caters for all the segments of media, displaying all the best media jobs the UK has to offer?

Well now there is! Creativepool is the UK's premium place to discover the best media jobs, industry news, job tips, CV tips, a constantly changing jobs board and a place for your to upload a CV and your portfolio.

The media sector can be broken down into 7 broad headings: ­ Advertising, Creative, New Media, Press, Publishing, Radio and Tv. They are all a part of what the UK government calls "the creative economy" and the skill set that applies to one is similar to each of the others. Creativepool recognised this and has been developing a site that caters for all of us who work in the creative sectors. A place where all creatives and suits alike can have the information, tools ad jobs that are common to each of our industries.

A job in media is never going to bring you an easy life, but the rewards from working in the creative sectors far outweigh the long hours and hair pulling stress. On Creativepool you get an excellent mix of jobs from both employers and recruitment companies alike. Upload your CV, portfolio and showreel, fill out your profile and we will do our best to ensure that all the jobs that fit your profile are sent directly to your mailbox. Not only this but with your CV online, recruitment companies can find you!

So if you are looking for a media job then why don't you join us today?


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