CV Writing: Checklist


Once your CV is complete, ask yourself:

  • Will an employer want to read it?
  • Is the layout professional?
  • Is it easy to read? Have I used a clear typeface and appropriate font size?
  • If an employer 'glanced' over it, do the key points stand out?
  • Is it printed on quality paper?
  • Are the spelling and grammar correct? - Get someone to proofread it for you.
  • Is the style of writing clear? - Do not use unnecessary 'jargon'.
  • Have I successfully communicated my accomplishments and skills? - It is more important for these to stand out than responsibilities and duties.
  • Have I tailored my CV to the job I am applying for to increase my chance of success?
  • Is my employment history listed in reverse chronological order?
  • Have I accounted for all periods of time?
  • Has irrelevant information been eliminated?
  • Would my CV say the same thing if I shortened it? Can it be limited to two pages?




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