Creative Coffee Break: Make it with Adobe Stock.

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With Adobe Stock, you’ll always find the perfect asset to make something amazing. Built directly into your favourite Creative Cloud apps, it gives you instant access millions of inspiring images, vectors, videos, templates and 3D assets. Plus, our Premium and Editorial collections from the selected Adobe Stock contributors on top.

All without leaving the Adobe app you’re working in or interrupting your creativity...

We’ve just posted four bite-sized video tutorials to give you a tantalising glimpse of the endless possibilities of Adobe Stock. They’re part of our Creative Coffee Break series, designed to jump start your creativity with tips and new techniques on Adobe’s flagship Creative Cloud programmes. Because each video lasts under two minutes, it’s a great opportunity to put the kettle on and learn something new that’ll fire you up and improve the way you work.

The videos are presented by exciting, up-and-coming creatives; a lettering artist and type designer Ian Barnard; a photographer and filmmaker Dave East and a freelance landscape and portrait photographer Ron Timehin. You can watch them here.


Creative Coffee Break: Importing hand lettering onto an Adobe Stock template

First, Ian Barnard shows you how easy it is to drag and drop type and hand lettering onto an Adobe Stock template. In this case, it’s a new t-shirt design to show to a client.


Creative Coffee Break: Importing a light leak effect in Premiere Pro

Then Dave East runs through a neat trick that adds magic to his video footage by integrating Adobe Stock effects with Adobe Premiere Pro.

It only takes a few clicks but the transformation is amazing.

What’s your next project?

Adobe stock has millions of assets for every need and every niche, from print to web, mobile to film and video. Try Adobe Stock now free for one month and we’ll get you started by also giving you 10 Adobe Stock standard assets free with your trial.

Adobe Stock changes everything. Open it up now and you’ll find the perfect asset to make something incredible.


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