Creative Coffee Break: How to speed up sections of footage in Adobe Premiere Pro

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Adobe Premiere Pro is the industry-leading video editing software. Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned pro, you can edit, adjust colour, refine audio and more – all in one seamless, integrated workflow.

We’ve just posted the final video in a series of four bite-sized tutorials to help you enhance your mobile designs with XD and your videos with Premiere Pro. They’re part of our Creative Coffee Break series, designed to inspire your creativity by sharing tips and techniques to get the most from Adobe’s flagship Creative Cloud programmes.

Each video is under three minutes long, so it’s a great chance to grab a drink and learn something new to give your own work a boost.

The videos are presented by exciting, up-and-coming creatives.

You can watch the final video here:

If you missed any of the previous videos in the series, you can catch up here.

Creative Coffee Break: Use speed ramping to make your videos more dynamic


Travel photographer and vlogger Joe Allam reveals how he uses Adobe Premiere Pro to bring his travel videos to life.

Learn how to use speed ramping to add extra energy to your video edits. You can stylise a long shot by slowing it down and then speeding it up later in the sequence using time remapping.

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Premiere Pro is already included in Creative Cloud if you’re an All Apps member but it’s also available as a Single App with 100GB cloud storage.

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