Creative Coffee Break: faster freehands and personalised page loads

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Adobe Creative Coffee Breaks are back. As you’ll know if you took a look at last week’s post, these bite-sized tutorials are just the thing if you’re hungry for new skills.

The next two videos we’re posting demonstrate more of the new tools built into the latest versions of Adobe Illustrator CC and InDesign CC. There’s some very simple time-saving techniques included here. 

Once again, a leading creative expert walks you through the journey onscreen, ­and shows you how to raise your creative game in a few steps.

Creative Director, Radim Malinic, reveals how to create smooth freehand sketches and paint to perfection in Illustrator. Follow his steps as he uses clever settings within the Paintbrush Tool to create smooth lines and then uses Live Paint Bucket to add vibrant colour in seconds.

In the follow-up film Radim demonstrates how you can make illustrations come to life in eBooks using animation in InDesign. Watch, and you’ll see how he turns artwork into eye-catching animations by using simple presets for Layers and Animation in the Digital Publishing workspace.

As Radim’s tutorial proves, creating exciting ePubs has never been easier. But if you’d prefer to follow his tips at your own pace, he also takes you through the same tools in a step-by-step blog.

Like what you see? Why not find out for yourself what you can do with InDesign and Illustrator. Download a trial of InDesign here, and Illustrator here.

Already have Creative Cloud? Why not catch the rest of the series on the Adobe UK YouTube Channel. Watch the series here.


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