Majority of UK workers want gamified rewards system

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New research reveals that most workers in the UK would welcome the introduction of a gamified rewards system in the office.

A survey of 1,000 UK workers was carried out by workplace incentives and rewards provider One4all Rewards and published in a wider Gamification Report.

Staff were polled on their preferences for gamified bonus systems, which encourage achievement and good behaviour by awarding small rewards for desired actions.

The results found that the vast majority - 79% - of UK employees would like to see these introduced at their place of work.

To help UK bosses implement gamified employee recognition schemes, One4all Rewards also asked workers about how they would prefer them to be approached.

The research shows that the communication of more complex systems is especially key, to help workers understand how they can unlock rewards.

More than one in four (25%) would like their employer to introduce this kind of new system by clearly communicating information about it.

Almost one in six (14%) UK workers would like their boss to host an event to officially launch a new rewards and bonus system. While almost the same number would want to receive regular updates on how many points, rewards or bonuses they have earned.

Being able to log into a portal, such as a website, section of the intranet or app, to view how they are doing and track their rewards progression would be key for one in five (21%).

On average, workers would most like to receive rewards and bonuses every 1.10 months. Monthly rewards were overwhelmingly the most popular according to the report with more than one in three (37%) saying they’d prefer them. Just 10% said they’d prefer them once per week.

Read the full Gamification Report here.


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