How healthy are your freelance business finances?

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Working as a freelancer in the creative industry is highly rewarding, but it can also be a daunting process to keep on top of your finances being out on your own.

There’s lots to think about including whether the rules of operating as a sole trader or limited company apply, as well as a host of other rules and regulations.

Online accountancy firm Crunch was set up in 2009 to help contractors, freelancers and small business owners navigate those areas and help with self-assessment when it comes to paying taxes. It also offers help on a range of topics through its service like what expenses can be claimed and how to go about getting a mortgage if your work for yourself.

Darren Fell, founder and CEO of Crunch, and Lucinda Watkinson, deputy head of accounting at the company, offer an overview of what you should know in this video from Creativepool’s Connect London annual event.

They give guidance on how you can make a success of your business by spending more time on doing what you love rather than stressing about the financial side of things.

See the talk in below and watch more sessions like this at Connect.




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