Avoiding Creative Burnout

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You’ve heard of writer’s block. This is something that happens to most writers at one time or another. They just run out of ideas, and they need to find ways to deal with writer’s block. The same thing happens to designers. Often, creative burnout occurs, and you just can’t find ways to be as creative as you like, and express your ideas in just the right way. As a designer, you need to find ways to avoid creative burnout. After all, your creativity is what drives you, and it is your money-maker. You don’t want to lose that creativity. Here are some ways that you can avoid creative burnout.

  1. Take Everything In – Many creative people need to be able to take from their environment, sucking everything up like a sponge. The more you can take in, the more you will have to work with later on. You never know, what you take in today may be useful to you tomorrow.
  2. Be Bold – You’ve heard the old saying, “go big or go home”. This is definitely true for creative types. Don’t worry about how wild and crazy your ideas seem. The more you explore your wilder ideas, the more realistic they are going to seem. Don’t be afraid of the crazy ideas. Remember, at one time, people thought that anyone who believed the world isn’t flat was crazy.
  3. Share Ideas – It is always good to have someone who you can bounce your ideas off. They can tell you if they think your ideas will work, or if they are just way too far out. They can also help you focus and figure out what your next step should be in order to bring your ideas to fruition.
  4. Upgrade Your Tech – You can have some of the greatest ideas ever, but if your laptop is old and slow, turning the ideas into reality may be a frustrating process. It may be time to sell laptop and upgrade to a newer model with better features.
  5. Take a Break – Sometimes it helps if you can just get up and walk away from what you are doing for a little while. If you find yourself at a creative impasse, stop what you are doing, and take some time for yourself. Go for a walk, watch a movie, etc. Indulge yourself and escape for a day.
  6. Change Your Environment – Sometimes all it takes to recharge your creativity is to change your working environment. We often get tired of looking at the same four walls every day, and a change can do a world of good. Take your laptop and go someplace else to work, where you can get your creative juices flowing.
  7. Get Some Sleep – If you are not getting enough sleep, you aren’t going to be able to think clearly after a while, and this is going to negatively affect your creativity. We all need plenty of sleep. It recharges our bodies, and our minds, and helps in the creative process.
  8. Multitask – Often, multitasking is not recommended, as you don’t concentrate on any one task. But, it can be a good thing for creative designers, because there are times when you need to focus on something different for a while. Switching up tasks regularly is a great way to keep the creative process working.
  9. Have Restrictions – If you have no restrictions when you work, you can and up burning yourself out because you are trying to do things that may not be possible. Figure out the things you can’t do, and then restrict yourself from these things to save time and avoid creative burnout.

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