10 Writing Tools And Apps That Will Make Designing Easier

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Graphic design is a complex and ever evolving industry. That means that as a designer, you're always looking to keep up with what's happening. Internet technology has made finding tools that will actually help you stay ahead of the curve easier, too. Here are 10 apps and tools that will help you handle the writing that comes as part of your job.


1. Quip

If you work in a team, then you'll need a tool that helps you communicate better. This communication platform could be just the thing you need. You can create to do lists, schedules, and more in the interface. It's easier than digging through emails trying to find the one piece of information you need.

2. Paper Fellows

Writing your own copy for your designs? If you're not feeling confident, this is the site for you. This writing community will help you out with anything you're working on. share your writing with them, and they'll help you polish it up.

3. Draft

If you need a good, clean interface to write in, this could be the one for you. Draft is created by writers who want a better way to write, edit and share what they're working on.

4. Do My Assignment

Need some copy in a hurry? Then talk to Essayroo. The expert writers at this service can help you with whatever you need. Give them the brief and the deadline, and they'll get to it. You'll have your copy in no time at all.

5. Easy Word Counter

Good copy is concise and gets to the point quickly. The creators of this tool know that, which is why it's so helpful for any writer. Paste in your writing, and you'll get a quick, accurate word count. You'll even get a spell check on your work as a bonus.

6. Cite It In

If you're using sources in your copy, then you need to make sure that they're cited correctly. If you don't, you're at risk of being accused of plagiarism. Avoid this by using this helpful tool. Put in the source you're using, and you'll get the correct citation which you can copy directly into your writing.

7. Ilys

Having problems staying on track? Then this tool will get you going. Tell the system how many words you want to write, then get started. You can't backspace or edit until you've hit your word count goal. Perfect if you feel you spend too much time fiddling with your text.


8. Airstory

If you need several people to work on the same document, then this is the tool you want. You can all work together to write the copy you need. You can also invite someone in after you're done, to give the text a once over edit themselves.

9. Essay Services & BoomEssays

This service is for you if you're up against too many deadlines. When there's too much copy to handle yourself, send it to these experienced writers. They can handle anything you need, so just send the brief and get back to work. They’ll send excellent copy that you can use right away, no edits needed.


10. Phraseology

This app makes it easy to write on the go. You can download this text editing tool onto your phone or touchscreen device, meaning you can write wherever you are. Now you never have to waste a moment.

These ten tools will help you be more productive and write better text, whenever you need it. Use the right tool and you can make your job a whole lot easier.


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