A Lobster Love Story

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In celebration of #LovingDay, we want to take a look back at a special Lobster moment last week and enjoy a little community love that made us all feel a little special. At the start of the month, we closed our #WeddingBells Photo Challenge which ran during the hype of the Royal Wedding. 

The aim was to show more diversity and break down what a “traditional” wedding is outside of black suits and white lace.
We were amazed at the 100+ entries we received! Every colour, style, and perfect moment caught and shared with us was something really beautiful. After announcing the winner of Facebook and Instagram, we got some comments we never thought we’d receive:



We contacted Satish and the original photographer for the bigger story, and this is what we got:

> From the photographer:

"I accidentally searched my name on Google while having coffee...That's where I saw an Instagram post tagging my name (as the winner).

I share it with my friend, who posts it on Facebook.

A couple of hours later I get a message from the same friend on WhatsApp with FB chat screenshot.

It is unbelievable!!!! "

> From Satish:

“It’s a great memory. Thank you"

The winning image from the #WeddingBells Challenge:

* Shot by Birumanand

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