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Together with with VCCP we created a television commercial for Hiscox Insurance, however this was not your standard ad. Our brief was to utilise our projection mapping expertise but with a residential house as our canvas.

We follow a father as he reflects on how his priorities – and his home –have evolved. Projection mapping provided the perfect technique to bring his thoughts to life on the outside of his house.

A huge challenge, which unlike previous projection projects built for big impact on large buildings, required us to take a more emotive approach to our storytelling.

With all of the technology and production kit required, undertaking this on a residential street was ambitious enough; but not content with that, we decided to throw a motion control camera into the mix to enhance the perspective illusion.

We were adamant from the outset that we wouldn’t “fake” anything in post-production trickery as we felt there was valuable integrity in doing something for real. A massively rewarding challenge and a technical first, for us.

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Hiscox 'The House I Grew Up In'